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We offer all burial types here at Riverside and have many lots still available for your choice, whether it be single or multiple burial lots.

Lot Description and Services

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Burials Types

Traditional Burials - In ground has been the choice of most families, Riverside Cemetery provides it's diverse families with many in-ground burial options.
These options include single grave lots and multiple space lots, vaults are required for all required for all traditional burials.

Single Gravesites - New areas are always under development including beautiful lawn burial spaces for either single or multiples.

Upright Sections - New and old areas throughout the the grounds accommodate uprights which allow a greater area on which to memorialize the loved ones.

Flat Marker Sections - Allows for only flat markers (known as grass markers) and only allow for plants in planters.

Mausoleums - History tells us that mausoleums were built for very wealthy such as pyramids and the Taj Mahal. It also tells us that Jesus was entombed in the Garden of Mathis. Today community mausoleums make it possible for everyone who wants a clean dry and climate controlled burial space where the cost can be as low as the traditional ground burials.

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