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Riverside Cemetery is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Contributions to Cemetery Association are deductible for income, estate, and gift tax purposes. Your gift can reduce your income taxes while providing a meaningful difference in what the board can do. The amount of your income tax savings will depend on your tax bracket.

The cemetery employs a full-time caretaker with several part-time employees, required to keep the cemetery beautiful. The Cemetery Association cannot financially keep up with the trimming and removals of diseased trees, mowing, building and road maintenance, normal monthly expenses, etc.

The Association has relied heavily on interest from it's perpetual care funds to finance expenses. The Cemetery is a non-profit organization, allowing a gift to the cemetery of cash or securities or a deferred gift of trusts or life insurance, tax deductible.

Your financial assistance is necessary and appreciated in giving us the ability to complete these continuing projects to ensure that Riverside Cemetery remains a lasting and proper resting place for our loved ones.

Gifted Amount: $5,000 $10,000 $25,000 $50,000
Federal Tax Deduction 1,400 1,680 7,000 14,000
N.D. State Income Tax Credit 2,000 4,000 10,000 20,000
Net Cost of Gift 1,600 4,320 8,000 16,000

North Dakota Income Tax Credit :legislation - 2011 - If you are a North Dakota State income tax paying individual or business, consider making an individual gift of $5000 or more or a business gift with no minimum to the Riverside Endowment Fund and take advantage of the 2011 legislation granting a 40% income tax CREDIT for qualifying gifts. For more information, please contact us at (701) 235-2671

"Friends of Riverside Cemetery Association" - "Friends of Riverside Cemetery" to acknowledge and thank our donors.
Listed are our donors and our recognition of their contributions.     What a Way to Remember Loved Ones!   Click Here to read more...

Perpetual Care Trust Fund - Riverside Cemetery maintains a Perpetual Care Trust Fund, which is used to assure a permanent source of funding to assist in the maintenance of the cemetery grounds.

The interest generated by the Perpetual Care Trust Fund helps us sustain Riverside Cemetery financially, but by itself is nor sufficient to allow necessary improvements to the grounds and buildings. This is made possible only with the generous financial support of our lot owners, their families and friends.

Your Financial Assistance is Necessary and Appreciated in giving us the ability to complete these continuing projects to ensure that Riverside Cemetery remains a lasting and proper resting place for our loved ones.


  • Irrigation System
  • Resurfacing of roadways throughout cemetery grounds
  • Redesigning/replanting of Flowerbeds
  • Continue improving berms around the cemetery for Flood protection
  • Planting of new trees
  • Replace old signs marking out sections
  • Finish fencing along East and South side of cemetery
  • Replace old equipment
  • Jack up Floor in cemetery office building due to sinking
  • Update Vet Flags
We hope to continue these improvements with your help. Your donation will be used to meet the many needs of Riverside Cemetery in the coming year. We invite you to visit the cemetery, tour the grounds and meet our staff.

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